Professional dog training in the Greater Portland area 



Kevin and Heather van Leeuwen are originally from Arlington, Texas. They now reside in West Linn, Oregon with their five dogs; Stella the Belgian Malinois, Walter the Corgi, Honey the Corgi, Arlo the German Shepherd and Patot the Maltese. They spend their time between Texas and Oregon training.


Heather has been involved in the dog world since 2011 when she began fostering. In 2014 she became a trainer under her mentor, Bunny Brown Snyder, who trained hunting dogs more than 30 years. Heather prides herself on being a balanced dog trainer who has experience with dogs of all ages, breeds, behaviors, and circumstances. She has completed a Dog Behavior and Psychology course through PetAddict and holds a business degree from Tarrant County College. 

Kevin has been involved in the dog and hunting world since 2006. Kevin has always been a firm believer in balanced dog training and with guidance from Heather, Kevin has learned the skills needed to handle a wide range of aggression cases. Kevin spends his free time running with their shepherds and holds a bachelor's degree in Horticulture. He hopes to combine plants and dogs one day. 

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Does your dog jump on people, excessively bark, drag you down the street during walks, or doesn’t come when called? Then this program is for you! No more yelling or chasing after your dog when you want him/her to come or being late to work because of an interesting distraction. 

This program will give you complete control over your dog while letting your dog have freedom to be a dog. Your pooch will reliably come when called, be more well-mannered around the house, and others will compliment you on such an obedient pooch! 

  • 8-10 sessions at the facility 

  • 4 in home sessions 

  • Includes doggy daycare during the program, off property adventures, confidence building, and more! 

  • Training is Tuesday & Thursday for 4 weeks

  • 7 commands: go play, heel, sit, stay, come when called, place, and down

  • Curbs unwanted behavior like jumping, counter surfing, and chewing

  • Eligible for payment plan 

  • Unlimited email and phone support 

  • Unlimited group classes 

  • Leash reactivity

  • Separation anxiety

  • Perfect for Puppies




Aggression $2950

Want your dog to listen to you every time without the hard work? Let us do the hard work for you! This program will give you all the benefits of an all-inclusive 1-on-1 program in half the time because we will take care of your dogs initial training. Then we will teach you how to maintain it. 

This program is perfect for families who have a vacation coming up! ​

  • 24/7 immersion training 

  • 3-8 weeks living with our trainers

  • Unlimited in-home private lessons

  • 10 commands on and off-leash: go play, heel, sit, down, come when called, place, leave it, drop it, wait, on/off furniture 

  • Eligible for payment plan 

  • Lifetime Support Guarantee- if you need a refresher, it’s included in the program





We rescued a German Shepherd who would snap and try to attack any person or animal that overwhelmed her... which was pretty much all of them. She and our other dog got into fights several times, we were ready to give up but decided that Heather was our last shot. Now, after lots of patience and heather’s incredible direction - Nova is our best behaved dog. Nova comes outside with us off leash and has the fastest recall of any of our dogs. She instantly responds to “here” and comes to my side. I never would have imagined that I could trust her the way that I do now! Thank you Heather!! There are no words!!

Talulah Rae

Pooches Pals was so great with our Corgi, Talulah Rae (Lula). We've improved her response time to commands, her recall, no more leash pulling, barking, and feel like we have the tools we need to continue to improve with Lula while the trainers can't be around. They sent us cute videos while they were with Lula, and checked in on us between sessions, Heather and Kevin really cared about the success of our sweet pup!


I cannot say enough good things about Heather. Before my partner and I found Pooches and Pals, we were at our wits ends with our dog Iverson. It was a sad position to be in because we had a dog who we loved so much but could not get through to. Iverson was very people and dog aggressive (growling, lunging, barking, fighting with other dogs) . We could not even enjoy a walk around the neighborhood without him lunging and barking aggressively at literally every person he would see. Before we found Heather, we spent near three thousand dollars on training for Iverson. As soon as I talked to Heather on the phone, she understood our frustrations and immediately told me she wanted to get Ivy to his full potential.They truly saved our relationship with our dog. So if you're reading this and are convinced that your dog is impossible PLEASE reach out to Pooches and Pals.